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Alexander Technique teacher, Sarah Warman

Sarah's Bio

Sarah Warman MSTAT MA BSc
Sarah is a STAT accredited Alexander Technique teacher who qualified from one of the most renowned Alexander training schools in the world - The Alexander Teacher Training School in Bond Street. She is passionate about creatively and intuitively sharing the gifts this work can bring.

Sarah also enjoys expressing her creativity through documentary film-making, freelance writing, photography and enjoys being a hobbying interior designer to her own flat!

She received a distinction in MA in Documentary Practice and her main degree prior was Human Sciences BSc. She is committed to true science and encouraging each of us to be our own scientists and explorers. She is also passionate about authentic spirituality and reconnecting to our nature, embracing becoming our own unique selves.

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This technique has changed my life on so many levels. It is both a practical and mind opening technique that elicits real results and it is a real gift to be able to put my personal stamp on it and share it with the world. It has an enabled me to develop a whole new approach to and way of life that is so nourishing and delicious and I am grateful to be able to not only share this with others, but also to be able to truly embrace my other passions - film-making (documentaries), photography, writing, keeping fit (cycling, walking, gym), connecting to nature, and meditation - all in a whole new way. Without this technique I would most likely be stuck unable to work or enjoy the multiple adventures life has to offer.

Several years ago I had just landed what I thought was my perfect job at the BBC working for a famous landmark science documentary series called Horizon. Almost immediately on starting there I was not happy. I didn't want to be there. BUt this totally took me by surprise, it was so confusing to me. This was the job that was going to cement my career trajectory.This is what I had been working towards as a documentary film-maker and this was the route I had seen ahead of me, the only route I could see or thought I wanted. So I put my thoughts to the back of my head and tried to push on regardless. I tried to cope by going a bit bananas over-dosing on yoga classes - especially Kundalini, to help me to cope with the stress and the confusing feelings. My life was full of extremes of serenity and stress at that point but i kept holding on. Even in my yoga classes I was 'pushing through the pain'.

Until I woke up one morning in absolute agony and unable to move my left arm.

In fact that didn't stop me. I still carried on. There were deadlines to meet and films to be finished before broadcast that I couldn't just stop. So again I just pushed on until the end of my contract. By which time the pain had spread across my back, my right arm (I couldn't use my left arm now) and my neck. In fact when you're in pain, from my experience, everything just starts to hurt because you begin to hold yourself in weird positions as 'coping mechanisms' that are usually more harm than good.

Looking back now it is clear: I wasn't happy but I could just about ignore my mind enough to stay there clinging on to the job I didn't really want (although I probably did not do a vey good job); so as a last resort my body had decided to essentially break down and force me to STOP! It was a huge shake up to make me face my truth, to stop me from lying to myself, and to re-direct me back on course and in line with my soul. Although that was definitely not clear to be at the time, it felt like a huge barrier to me expressing my talents.

I synchronistically met a sympathetic Alexander Technique teacher when I was physically completely stuck with extreme RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) pain and mental stress and overload. My A.T lessons afforded me the capacity to discover what was behind that experience, understand and process what it brought up in me, and these lessons gifted me the ability to learn how to heal myself, and to come out of pain, not push through it, with practical tools and what I experienced as very deeply spiritual psychologically healing process. It felt spiritual because I was re-gaining my trust and connection with myself and the world around, and naturally afforded insights into myself that as I let go, tension eased and I felt lighter and freer.

This was not always an easy process, emotionally it brought up a lot as required a deep surrender and letting go - of the life I thought I would live. But I have learnt so deeply, that as you let go, something much more magnificent is given the space to breathe into your life. I would never have predicted where I am today, but I am so much happier, and am still making films - just in a different way! There really is no set path, just to follow your heart , and trust it will guide you home.

The sessions also helped me to understand how to prevent and minimise future problems - whether that be physical, emotional or mental, allowing me come back more into flow, into my natural state of greater wellbeing. By getting out of my own way, stopping self-sabotaging, I was naturally more connected to myself, and my intuition.

I found that Alexander Technique suited me so perfectly as it naturally inhabits both frames of exploration - the scientific and the spiritual, the objective and the subjective, and it is the two together that contain the deepest wisdom and provide the truest nuggets of gold. My spiritual depth of understanding of this process of self-healing and insight has been hugely opened up with the guidance of my most profound teacher (not of the Alexander Technique) - Nicole Hambro - in the Circle of Inner Peace classes at Alchemy the Centre (now closed). I met Nicole around the same time as my mind/body "crunch time" (described above), and continued to learn with her up until and throughout my A.T training. Essentially I have been training in the two schools concurrently which has afforded me great insight as I have undergone my own deep transformation from caterpillar to my fresh emergence as my own unique butterfly.

I have always had one foot in the sciences, and one in the arts - an inquisitive and yet open approach to life and that pattern has emulated throughout all my studies and all my work, which is always multi-disciplinary - I am driven to exploring both the recordable and the experiential, and recognising the enormous value in both. This combination of science and spirituality makes me who I am, and so my style of teaching is grounded, and yet also connected. In this way, and in my experience, the two disciplines work and evolve together, informing, enhancing and deepening each other.

I came unstuck. And I am here to help and guide you on your path to freedom.

And many more...

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My sessions with Sarah were a real treasure full of insight and giggles, in perfect balance. more

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