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Alexander Technique is a beautiful, practical, mind-opening hands-on method with proven reliability and long term results. In a recent scientific study published in the BMJ (British Medical Journal) it was found that

" lessons in the Technique led to long-term benefits: a reduction in the number of days in pain and significant improvement in function and quality of life.".

The study, looking at a series of lessons, asserted that you will gain LASTING BENEFIT from a set of 6 lessons. 20 lessons led to a more significant change. Lessons in the Alexander Technique OUTPERFORMED ALL CONTROL GROUPS. Many people find this work very interesting and valuable and continue far beyond this point. Of course you will get benefit and insight from your very first lesson, and the understanding deepens with the exploration.

A.T itself encourages you to be your own scientist with continual personal experiments exploring at the forefront of science. Whatever your motivation, Alexander lessons will enable you to embrace life more fully and freely, and will support your path to greater freedom to be you. But you don't need to believe me or the study; to truly DISCOVER the treasures for yourself, BOOK A LESSON at no obligation for more, and SEE FOR YOURSELF.

I had a course of lessons with Sarah and the experience was eye-opening. more

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