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Freedom to be you: Declutter your mind, Free your body, Express your soul

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Sarah's Alexander Studio

freedom to be you

Hello and welcome to Sarah's Alexander Studio, based in London, offering my own spin on the awesome Alexander Technique - combining it with a grounded spirituality, creating an Embodied Mindfulness to support you in navigating and creating a nourishing supportive life.

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I’m Sarah Warman, and I’m passionate about teaching the Alexander Technique (A.T) in FRESH and ENGAGING ways to support you on your journey to DECLUTTER YOUR MIND, FREE YOUR BODY AND EXPRESS YOUR SOUL. A.T is famously great for STRESS, PAIN, POSTURE and SELF-DEVELOPMENT, and there is so much more. There is more info on one-to-one tailored sessions here, and here in one-to-one faqs. Email me at, or call me on 07790 036 650 to discuss or book a lesson today.

A.T is both a science and an art that can support and guide you to truly wholesome, HOLISTIC and EMPOWERED WELLBEING. Whatever you do, with this technique I can teach you how to work, move, sit, perform, open up and just BE YOU with LESS PAIN & GREATER FREEDOM & FLOW. Visit my blog EMBODIED LIVING to get started, learn more about My Story here, or you can listen to my interview with East London Radio's Cathy Lund on the Living Health programme here:

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